VeniceThe atmosphere and the special light that bathes Venice were embodied in numerous films, paintings, films, photographs but only by living can understand how special it is.

Venice has continued to seduce all world travelers.

No one knows for certain when construction began this wonderful city. The inhabitants of Veneto began to take refuge in the islands to escape the barbaric invasions V century and received even more people following the invasion of the region by the Lombards, a century later.

The first Bulldog or "duke" of Venice was elected in the year 726 and the legend says that two traders took in 826 the body of St. Mark of Alexandria and the famous basilica was constructed to receive his remains, since then San Mark is the patron saint of the city and the winged lion symbol.

Venice experienced a considerable growth through trade for many centuries, thanks to its prime location and maintaining good relations with Byzantium, which enabled it to operate as a hinge between East and West, this lasted until the late fifteenth century.

The fall of Constantinople in 1453 marks the beginning of the decline of Venice and the discovery of a new route to the Indies in 1492 he strikes the final blow. Resumes its prestige through art during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In 1797 the Republic falls to Bonaparte that gives the Austrians to become part of Italy in 1866.

Already in the eighteenth century Venice known tourism thanks to its Carnival which gathers visitors from across Europe. Today, this beautiful city continues to receive tourists and suffering serious problems of pollution, subsidence and floods wearing their constructions. Here you can compare rental cars and vehicle rent from several companies at Venice Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy, On site there are car rental companies like Flizzr, Avis, Enterprise, Rhodium, Alamo, Sixt, InterRent, Keddy By Europcar, National etc. Prices from large companies as well as small ones at Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Getting to Venice by plane from many cities is possible, the Marco Polo International Airport receives international and domestic flights, is also located near the city of San Angelo airport receives charter flights Treviso at unbelievable prices companies served by Ryanair, Myair, Alpieagles.

If our flight arrived at Marco Polo airport, ATVO coaches us to Piazzale Roma in 20 minutes with departures scheduled every half hour. ACTV buses, line 5, takes a little more than the bus service to get to Piazzale Roma and has intermediate stops and line 15 leaves us in the Mestre train station, from where you can take the train to the station Santa Lucia, in the heart of Venice, every 30 minutes.

If you prefer an individual journey, taxis take us in 15 minutes to the Piazzale Roma, Venice the great parking and from where we take the vaporetto stop in the Piazza San Marco.

But, if we enjoy from our arrival at Venice Marco Polo Airport, there are boats that leave from there to San Marco, Murano and Lido, every two hours and take an hour to get through the water allowing us to see Venice from afar and in all its magnificence. The ride costs 9 € plus 3 € for each suitcase. If ours is a romantic-boat taxis take 20 minutes but have an exorbitant fee and often prey on tourists further charging. It is convenient to the airport advice about what you must pay.

If our flight arrived at the local airport Treviso San Angelo, we can get to Venice by bus, line 6 to Piazzale Roma and then the vaporetto or from Treviso train station, not far from the airport to Santa Lucia station.

If our plan is to get to Venice by train, get off the train and be in the heart of Venice just desentumecido is a unique sensation, surprise, love and excited.

Also numerous bus companies have service to Venice. Visiting Venice by car is nonsense but if your preferred mode of transportation, as well as Piazzale Roma you can leave the car many places, one of which is the parking in front of the Mestre station and take the train to Venice.

Hotels in Venice, not only are prohibitively expensive Danieli in Venice, not to mention the Carnival period that trigger so shameless. The "Bed and Breakfast" in the Serenissima are few and there is only one student hostel on the island of Giudecca (all islands are relatively close and vaporettos frequency is good). Shelter in a convent or monastery is possible but, due to demand, it is preferable to make reservations two months in advance, minimum. An interesting alternative is to not stay in Venice. The town of Mestre offers a good range of accommodation and is only 10 minutes from Venice by train or bus and the journey, crossing the lagoon is a must. Another possibility is to rent an apartment, the cost varies according to the season, the proximity to the Piazza San Marco or the amenities but is certainly much cheaper than a hotel (including 1 Star) and finally pensions .

Tourism in Venice begins before you arrive, if it arrived by train to Santa Lucia, the only way is through the Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco. Yet arrived in the city and we are beginning to discover with tourists look, what they say, do not waste a minute. No matter our tiredness, navigating the Grand Canal and to discover the palaces that line the lagoon will ride "bus" of your life more beautiful.

Descend into the spectacular and legendary Piazza San Marco, "center" of Venice, in every way. The line the Basilica, IL Campanile, the clock tower, the Correr Museum, the Doges' Palace and the famous Cafe Florian.
The Basilica San Marco, is a remarkable fusion of eastern and western style, its construction lasted almost five centuries, IL Campanile beside her, huge, from his viewpoint you can see the whole city.

Again in the Piazza San Marco, under the arcades or Palazzo Ducale Palazzo dei Dogi, Gothic, was built between the XIV and XV, was the seat of government of the Republic of Venice, after admiring the interior is accessed within "Bridge of Sighs", which also touched bridge seen from the outside.
Return to the Piazza San Marco and see a major horseshoe-shaped building, are former prosecutors, now is the Correr Museum which tells the story of the city.

After the tour of the Piazza San Marco from north to south and from east to west and exhausted all his wealth go quietly on foot or vaporetto to the Rialto Bridge, is the main bridge in Venice and its construction is an engineering feat of its time .

All are invited to walk or ... navigate this beautiful city, whatever, follow your itinerary and reaches the dell'Academia Gallery, this museum houses the most important collection of paintings of Venice, then admire the church of Santa Maria della Salute, Baroque beauty.

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