Siena - what to visit

Piazza del CampoThe nerve center of Siena is definitely Piazza del Campo, where each year marks the Palio race. The square is surrounded by Terzi (thirds), three in all, the neighborhoods in which the city is divided. Despite being largely pedestrianized city of Siena is full of hills, dips and bumps, so travelers would do well to be comfortable shoes, water, sunscreen (summer and spring) and eager to walk . In the Piazza del Campo is the first milestone of the city: the Palazzo Pubblico, a medieval building (XIV) which now houses the Museo Civico in Siena and has a spectacular tower over one hundred feet high known as the Torre del Mangia.

And spent the next terzo or third, the Terzo di Camolia. Fans of shopping and glamor will enjoy touring the Via Banchi di Sopra, preeminent commercial artery Siena. The beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria in Provenzano is also located in this neighborhood. The Renaissance part of town is in the last terzo: San Martino, southeast of the Piazza del Campo. In this neighborhood you can visit an interesting museum: the Museo delle di Biccherna Tavolette, located in an elegant building of the fifteenth century and has a fine collection of books with wonderful medieval scenes. Besides this interesting tour of Siena, along our journey we will find other beautiful enclaves: the Palazzo Salimbeni in the Piazza of the same name, the Palazzo Chigi (Gothic Sienese conservatory current headquarters), the Palazzo Piccolomini (period Renaissance), the Fortezza Medici, built in the sixteenth century to the famous Medici family, and Cateriniana Basilica, also known as San Domenico and built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Siena Sala Pace After enjoying the beauty of the place and walk around the museum, visiting the Sala della Pace particular and beautiful paintings by Ambrogio Lorenzetti (and also throwing out the reliefs by Jacopo della Quercia in Gaia Source ), in just a few steps and then comes the Terzo di Citta, the closest to the Sienese terzi. It is also the oldest in the city and come at it from the square through the Via di Quote. Surely the emblematic building of this place is the Duomo or Cathedral, built between the XII-XIV and responds Italian Gothic style. Its main facade and spectacular floor mosaics are a sight to behold, and the Battisterio di San Giovanni, with its fifteenth century font, adorned with sculptures and reliefs of artists like Donatello and Ghiberti. In the same terzo also enjoy the Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala (Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala), XI century and currently hosts several art collections and archaeological samples. Not forgetting, of course, the Pinacoteca Nazionale and its magnificent collection of Sienese school call (XIII century).

Although the city of Siena is full of beautiful and interesting places, surely many travelers use it as a "hub" to know in depth the rich and beautiful region of Tuscany. Excursions and routes that can be done from Siena are many and varied: from visiting the medieval town of San Gimignano, to take a tour of the strange rocky landscape of the Crete, the possibilities are legion. It certainly requires a visit to the Chianti region to visit vineyards and wineries, and also close to the coast to see the towns like Castiglione Pescaia, located in the heart of the Maremma region, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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