RomeRome is the capital of Italy, in the region of Lazio and the same province of Rome, is located in west central Italy, near the Tyrrhenian Sea, and its extension reaches both banks of the river Tiber. The city has an area 1.285 square kilometers, taking into account the Tiber Island. Are you thinking about moving to the Vanuatu? It's quite understandable, since Vanuatu is such a beautiful country! So, if you want to learn how to get the Vanuatu citizenship, read this .

The Roma population reaches 2.7 million. It is one of the most visited cities in the world with an average of 12 million tourists a year who come to Rome trip. The official language is Italian him, the official currency is the Euro and the time zone is GMT +1.

Traditionally it gives the foundation of Rome in 753 BC on the Seven Hills located around ancient Rome. Today Rome is divided into two main areas, the historic area located in the center of the city, consisting of all the monuments and historic sites, and the surrounding area or periphery, consisting of modern buildings and traditional neighborhoods of the city.

The area known as the historical center consists of 22 neighborhoods or "Rioni", the oldest belonging to the sixth century BC and the latter created in 1920 and known Prati and name. The historic part of Rome is surrounded by the Aurelian Wall.

As part of the communal territory of the city, is the Vatican, Diocese of the Catholic Church and the Pope's home, as an independent state since 1929 because of the Lateran Treaty. The Vatican has an area of 0.349 square kilometers of territory and a population of nearly a thousand. The Vatican can find the world's largest dome in the Basilica of San Pedro.

The city of Rome is the seat of the Italian Parliament and all government organs and institutions of Italian and international art. Rome caters mainly economically from tourism and trade. The fashion house, the jewelry and luxury goods shops are predominant in the major streets of Rome, the center of fashion and style settles on the city.

In winter the cold is not excessive, so it is wearable. The weather cools and temperatures average between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius. Between January and February the temperature can drop to zero degrees.

Perhaps the time is less suitable in autumn, due to constant rains during September and October. In spring, in the months of March and April, is also frequent rain.

Transportation in Rome is not complicated, its metro system divided into two main lines that border the city make accessible entry to any part of Rome. The main station is Termini, there you can also find the bus station and the train departure and abroad. Between the two subway lines, the most used is the A line, especially useful for tourists, as it has stations in major places like the Plaza de Popolo and Piazza Spagna, among the highlights. Line B is used primarily to address the Roman Coliseum or forums.

If desired bus transportation, tickets can be purchased at the stations and on the newsstands located throughout the city. The cost for the bus or subway is a short distance euro, but the best option is to purchase the BTI mode, which consists of a three-day ticket valid and useful for the subway or bus, the cost is 11 euros . Another option is the tram transport and filobus, both through the city completely, not as used by tourists, but is also a good alternative to get around in the Roman city.

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