The southern Italian coast, which is washed by the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is home to such wonderful treasures as the Isle of Capri. The name of this island, located in the Gulf of Naples, evokes luxury, luxury, glamor and chic ... And no wonder: since the time of the Roman Empire, was chosen as the venue for rest and vacations for the wealthy people of the time. Today Capri is still a luxury destination for millionaires and beautiful people, that often comes aboard fine yachts. But what characterizes this beautiful island is that, despite being a tourist spot, fortunately spared from speculation and hotel, and retains its wonderful coastline, its charming landscapes and its beautiful historic center.

The picture of Capri is well known, the sunsets over the island, glimpsed from the coast of the Italian town of Sorrento, are unforgettable. Capri is dotted with white houses that "hanging" from the craggy rocks of island almost impossible. The beer gardens are everywhere, giving travelers the opportunity to refresh and unwind in the Italian summer. The Old Town, which is a very successful car-free and can be traveled leisurely walk, shows precious stone streets surrounded by flowery balconies and windows, accompanied by magnificent buildings of all time. Because in Capri is also possible to see the remains of the Roman period, religious buildings and renacientista medieval times, and very beautiful classical mansions.

Nature has been very generous to this beautiful island. In addition to its central location in the warm waters tirrenas, its vegetation and its shores are a haven. The waters around the hidden beaches and cliffs show a deep blue, turquoise tones almost impossible to reach its peak in the famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto). Those who are lucky enough to see the island from the sea, on a boat, be amazed at the silhouette of large rocky cliffs that fall steeply to the calm and deep waters. Are perfect for snorkeling, swimming or just relaxing in the sun, watching the silhouette of one of the most beautiful and lively Italian coast.

Nature, history and quaint charm: these are just three of the attractions offered by the island of Capri. In addition, shoppers and shopping are within reach stores and exclusive boutiques (not forget that Capri is a destination for the international jet set), and also many craft and souvenir shops. The restaurants offer the best of delicious Italian cuisine with a southern point that makes the difference. And all this without forgetting the night life that animates the old town throughout the summer and much of the year. In its bars, pubs, restaurants and pubs can enjoy animation intensely, under the stars in the beautiful night skies of the Mediterranean.

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